Sustainable Fleet Upgrade: Kilmac's Partnership Triumph

Posted on March 18, 2024

Kilmac's recent investment in twelve Renault Kangoo vans represents a significant stride towards sustainability in its operations, made possible through a partnership with Arnold Clark. By upgrading its fleet, Kilmac aims to minimise its carbon footprint while enhancing operational efficiency and safety standards. These vans will take us to 125nr vans we have purchased from Arnold Clark in the last 20 years. In fact, from the same Sales Manager, showing Kilmac’s unrivalled Loyalty to our Supply Partners and them to us.

The Renault Kangoo vans offer notable environmental benefits, including improved fuel efficiency and advanced technology features that reduce ecological impact. Partnering with Arnold Clark not only provides access to top-tier vehicles but also ensures ongoing support for optimal fleet performance. This initiative underscores Kilmac's commitment to sustainability and sets a precedent for responsible business practices in the industry, demonstrating how environmental stewardship can align with profitability.

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