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The strength of every building comes first from the foundation it is built upon.  The key factor to all building projects, strong foundations are integral and allow the building to be constructed to its full potential.  Kilmac have worked on projects with varying foundation designs since we were formed, and during this time have delivered to a high quality and timescale continually.  Commencing at pre-contract planning stage, and using our key skilled labour force for project delivery, our foundation structures are formed to the design specifications of each individual contract.  Often constructed directly onto soil bearing strata, some foundations are constructed on top of strengthened pile structures, which can be vibro-stone, concrete resistance piles, or steel piles filled with concrete mix.  Examples of building foundations constructed would be; Concrete Raft Foundations, Reinforced Concrete Pile Cap Construction, Reinforced Concrete Ground Beam Constructions, Mass Concrete Trench Fill Foundations, Shallow Standard Strip Foundations, Reinforced Concrete pad foundations.

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