Skye Boyd: Constructing Dreams - A Journey of Passion

Posted on March 4, 2024

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, we've asked Skye Boyd to share her inspiring journey from leaving school to where she is today. See below Skye's story that will surely resonate with young women aspiring in the industry.

"Growing up, I discovered my passion for mathematics and physics in school. This love for problem-solving and analytical thinking led me to pursue a college course in engineering skills while still in school. I was drawn to the idea of a career that would constantly challenge me and push me to strive for excellence, which is why I gravitated towards the field of engineering and construction.

After completing my college course, I felt compelled to further my education and explore the world of structural and civil engineering, along with architecture, at university. However, I soon realised that the traditional university path wasn't the best fit for me. I thrive in hands-on learning environments, where I can apply my knowledge in real-world settings. This realisation led me to pursue an apprenticeship, knowing that it would provide me with the practical experience and skills development I craved.

Fortunately, Kilmac recognised my potential and offered me the opportunity to embark on a modern apprenticeship. This decision marked the beginning of an exciting journey in the construction industry. As a Trainee Engineer at Kilmac, I play a vital role in ensuring the quality and efficiency of our projects on site.

My day-to-day responsibilities involve overseeing the quality aspects of multiple sites, including setting out, calculating material quantities, and providing support to ensure smooth project execution. Additionally, I dedicate one day a week to attending college, where I further expand my knowledge and skills.

I am incredibly grateful to Kilmac for investing in my professional development and providing me with the platform to grow in my career. I am truly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in the construction industry, and I am committed to continuing my journey of learning and growth."

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