Harnessing Renewables Power

Kilmac offers a comprehensive solution for the development, project planning, construction, financing and operation of onshore wind farms and Hydro projects. Kilmac provide the technical support to successfully deliver any renewables project.

Whether the site is in a rural or urban location, Kilmac has the capability to design and deliver the optimum solution for any commercial or private need.

Based in Perth with strong project management, financial backing and legal teams in place we can deliver sensitive wind turbine and hydro developments that offer attractive and secure returns to communities, businesses and landowners.

Why use Kilmac

  • We are not middle men!
  • Privately owned construction and development company based in Tayside.
  • We focus and specialise in delivering onshore projects within Scotland.
  • We are a highly motivated and experienced team.
  • Clients benefit from a personal interface with the principal parties at all times throughout the delivery life-cycle.
  • We undertake significant diligence at the outset to insure the most appropriate solution can be delivered to benefit landowner and local communities.
  • We offer a fully financed turnkey solution and Kilmac will fund 100% of the project inclusive of all legal expenses. Joint venture (part funding) arrangements will also be considered at the request of the landowner.
  • The fully financed turnkey solution is based upon the developer taking on all of the financial, technical and planning risk associated with a project.
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