Kilmac Show Dunfermline College Students What It's Like to Work in Construction

Posted on December 19, 2023

At Kilmac, we recognise the importance of nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. In collaboration with BAM, we recently hosted a live site visit and engagement session for students from Dunfermline College undertaking the CECA Academy course. The event, held on Friday, December 15, 2023, aimed to provide these aspiring professionals with a first-hand look into the world of Civil Engineering.

Site Induction Led by BAM Site Manager, Robert Fotheringham

The morning kicked off with a comprehensive site induction led by BAM Site Manager, Robert. Students were shown project images, guided through the importance of PPE, briefed on Health and Safety protocols, Drug and Alcohol (D&A) testing procedures, and educated on critical environmental considerations.

The group was then divided into two, each embarking on a tailored learning experience.

Insights from Lauren and Industry Briefing

One group, under the guidance of Lauren and college lecturers discussed the vast opportunities within the industry and shed light on what a promising career at Kilmac entails. The emphasis was on fostering a deep understanding of the industry landscape and the array of pathways available to these professionals.

Site Tour with Jim Hutchison and Matthew MacDougall

The second group had the privilege of a guided site tour led by Jim Hutchison, Site Manager at Kilmac, and Matthew MacDougall, our Training Manager. This hands-on experience allowed students to witness theory seamlessly transitioning into the practical application, offering them a view of the live working environment.

The Next Generation: A Valuable Investment

These students represent the next generation of industry talent, and their engagement is pivotal for the continued growth and innovation in the construction sector. At Kilmac, we understand that industry insights gained at this stage are invaluable. By providing students with real-world experiences, we aim to empower them to make informed decisions about their future careers.

As these aspiring professionals prepare to step into the workforce, we believe in planting the seeds of knowledge, passion, and commitment. Through collaborative initiatives like this, we strive to build a bridge between education and industry, ensuring a seamless transition for the next generation of construction leaders.

At Kilmac, we are not just constructing structures; we are building careers, shaping futures, and investing in the sustainable growth of our industry.

Thanks to BAM for accommodating these pupils, very much appreciated from Kilmac, Fife College and CECA.

CECA Academy students from Dunfermline College, with Lecturers, Site Manager (Jim Hutchison) and Training Manager (Matthew MacDougall)
The school is one of the biggest Passivhaus projects in Europe , Site Manager Jim Hutchison discussing the challenges of a Passive Haus build and showing the students materials that were used to help achieve Passivhaus standards
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