Kilmac Secures Contract for Repair Works with Angus Council

Posted on December 8, 2023

Kilmac is proud to announce the successful award of a contract for crucial repair works with Angus Council. This partnership underscores Kilmac's commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions and fostering collaborative relationships within the community.

Scope of Works

The awarded contract includes five essential sections of repair works, each addressing key aspects of infrastructure maintenance:

Main Bridge

Comprehensive repairs and enhancements to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the main bridge.

Stone Culvert Road Crossing Repair

Specialised repairs to the stone culvert road crossing, addressing any structural issues and ensuring its longevity.

Culvert Replacement at Farm Gate

The replacement of a culvert at the farm gate, enhancing drainage efficiency and preventing potential issues.

Ditch Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of ditches, with careful consideration given to the disposal of material, especially if it is found to be sodden as expected.

Cutting Channel on Road

Precision work to cut channels on the road, contributing to improved water flow and overall road resilience.

Commencing in December and scheduled for completion in January 2024, these repair works demonstrate Kilmac's efficiency and commitment to delivering projects on time and with the highest standards of quality.

This contract award marks a renewed partnership with Angus Council, highlighting the confidence and trust in Kilmac's capabilities. We are eager to re-establish and strengthen our relationship with Angus Council, reflecting our dedication to providing sustainable solutions for the local community.

As we commence this project, we look forward to delivering successful outcomes, meeting and exceeding expectations, and continuing our positive collaboration with Angus Council in the future. This contract award is a testament to Kilmac's expertise and commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

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