Kilmac Enhances its Service Strike Prevention Performance with gCAT4+ Technology Investment

Posted on October 26, 2023

Kilmac Limited, a leading name in the construction and infrastructure industry, has reaffirmed its commitment to safety and service strike prevention with a significant investment in cutting-edge technology. The company is pleased to announce the acquisition of the gCAT4+ system, which includes Strike Alert and Data Logger technology.

Service strikes, such as utility line damage, not only pose risks to the workforce but can also result in costly disruptions, delays, and environmental impacts. Recognising the importance of preventing such incidents, Kilmac Limited has chosen to invest in state-of-the-art technology that will significantly reduce the likelihood of service strikes.

The Key Features of gCAT4+ with Strike Alert and Data Logger Technology:

  1. Strike Alert: The gCAT4+ is equipped with an advanced Strike Alert system that uses cutting-edge technology to detect the presence of buried utility lines. This real-time alert feature provides immediate warnings to operators when the system senses proximity to service infrastructure, ensuring that corrective action can be taken promptly.
  2. Data Logger: In addition to real-time alerts, the gCAT4+ system offers a comprehensive Data Logger functionality. This feature allows Kilmac Limited to collect and analyse vital data related to ground conditions and service lines. The data logger records detailed information during excavation, enabling the company to improve safety procedures, optimise workflows, and maintain a thorough record of each project.

"Service strike prevention is a top priority for Kilmac Limited and our clients," said Richard Kilcullen H&S Director at Kilmac Limited. "Our investment in the gCAT4+ system demonstrates our commitment to safety, efficiency, and minimising the likelihood of disruptions on our projects. We believe that this technology will not only enhance our project outcomes but also contribute to the overall safety of our workforce and the communities we serve."

Kilmac Limited's investment in the gCAT4+ system exemplifies the company's dedication to adopting the latest technical solutions that industry leading standards. By utilising this state-of-the-art technology, the company ensures that each project is conducted with the utmost precision, mitigating the risk of service strikes and promoting a safer work environment.

Kilmac Limited is a renowned name in the construction and infrastructure sector, dedicated to delivering high-quality projects while prioritising safety and innovation. With a commitment to excellence and responsible business practices, Kilmac Limited continues to make a positive impact on the industry and the communities it serves.

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