Kilmac selected to deliver deposit return scheme across Scotland

Posted on July 11, 2022

Client: Aldi Stores                                                                           

Commencement Date: August 2022                      

Kilmac are delighted to work continue their relationship with Aldi Stores, in conjunction with Hall & Partners, after being awarded the Groundworks package to deliver the new Deposit Return Scheme across Scotland for multi-national supermarket chain, Aldi.

Kilmac will be completing the groundworks, and associated drainage and service installations, for a reverse vending machine in various store’s car parks across Scotland, in which customers can deposit single-use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic or glass bottles in sizes from 50ml to 3l, as well as aluminium drinks cans.

The scheme is part of Scottish Government’s ‘Zero Waste Scotland’ initiative, with the UK’s first deposit return scheme going live across Scotland on 16th August 2023, helping to recycle billions of bottles and cans every year.  The Scottish government is working with retailers on a voluntary basis to enable people to start returning their bottle sand cans for recycling from November 2022.  People will pay a 20p deposit when they buy a drink that comes from a single use container made of PET plastic, steel and aluminium, or glass.  They will then get their money back when they return their empty container to one of tens of thousands of return points.

Athole McDonald (Commercial Director) stated:

We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Hall & Partners to deliver this project for Aldi, and promote recycling whenever possible, in support of Zero Waste Scotland and in line with Kilmac’s own commitments to a greener future.’

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