Kilmac Achieves Milestone at Perth High School

Posted on January 19, 2024

Kilmac has achieved the next milestone on a major project for Robertson Construction Tayside at Perth High School by completing the excavation of a cutting-edge attenuation tank. Here are the key highlights of this achievement:

Tank Specifications

The attenuation tank has an impressive capacity of 464m³.

It is designed with a stepped structure, ranging from 2.525m to 1.46m in height.

Excavated to a depth of 5m from the original ground level.

Well-Planned Installation

The installation process was carefully planned, taking into account the challenging positioning of the tank.

Despite complexities and required collaboration with other trades on site, our team navigated through seamlessly.

Sub Soil Excavation

A substantial 2500m³ of subsoil was expertly excavated to make way for the attenuation tank.

Logistical Challenges Overcome

The project presented unique challenges, including an existing gas main along the east boundary fence line and the new school constructed nearby on the west elevation. No access from the south elevation added an extra layer of complexity.

Innovative Shoring System

We utilised the advanced GAP shoring system, incorporating trench sheets and frames, measuring an impressive 34m x 8.8m.

Hydro WMS Expertise

A big shout out to the Hydro WMS team for their outstanding work in supplying and installing the cutting-edge attenuation crates.

This completion speaks volumes about the dedication and expertise of the entire Kilmac team. Every team member played a crucial role in overcoming challenges and ensuring the successful completion of this project.

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