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July - Training and Development Update

Posted on August 10, 2021

Kilmac is committed to ensuring that all staff have access to learning, development and training opportunities which enable them to be suitably knowledgeable and skilled to carry out their role within the Company, and to develop their talents in ways that fit with the Company’s development to meet its strategic objectives.

Kilmac considers it appropriate to base training and development opportunities on the requirements of the business. Therefore, decisions about investment in staff training and development will always be made having regard to the needs of the business as well as the staff member’s individual needs.

Kilmac believes that effective training and development benefits the individual and the company as a whole, and contributes to the achievement of Kilmac business objectives.

These benefits include:

  • High standards of work performance
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of factors affecting work performance
  • Effective management and implementation of change
  • Building strong and effective teams
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction for individuals
  • Professional development

Kilmac July Achievements

Over the month of July, various employees of Kilmac completed and achieved CITB accredited courses.

On behalf of Kilmac we would like to congratulate the following employees for their achievements:

David Speake

David sat his slinger/signaller renewal with Camilla and passed the course. Congratulations!

David also sat his A97 Lifting Ops Theory with Camilla and passed. Well done!

Lawrence O'Brien

Lawrence went through his NRSWA with Scottish Civils and passed with flying colours. Congratulations!

Kerry Clark, Chris Rennie and Kevin Hunter

Kerry, Chris and Kevin sat their renewal First Aid At Work with JB Safesite over two days at the offices at Kilmac and all successfully passed. Congratulations all!

Gail Louch

Gail in our buying department passed her CSCS course at Pearson VUE - congratulations! Get your hard hat out, you can now go to site!

Gary Nicholson

Gary successfully passed his excavator below 10 ton renewal with Raeburn Training on site at Madras. Congratulations Gary!

James Harrison

Our latest site employee James Harrison passed his CSCS and CPCS - RT09, RT59, RT61 and RT31. Great news James, well done.

Ben Menzies

Ben successfully passed his CSCS course at Pearson VUE - congratulations! Done and dusted for another 5 years now.

Brooke Baxter

Brooke is our latest employee who will be looking after the contracts admin information. Brooke sat her H&S REHIS awareness course with Ewan Begg from JB Safesite and passed with flying colours. Well done!


Level 3 OWS

14 of our employees have been inducted for Level 3 Occupational Work Supervisor VQ in partnership with TALA Training.

Geraldine from TALA has been fantastic throughout the process and the communication has been excellent.

Plant Operations

4 of our employees are undertaking a VQ in Plant Operations, all which seem to be going great. Again this is in partnership with TALA training.

August Courses

10 days in to August and we already have great achievements within Kilmac with much more courses booked for our staff.

Kilmac believes that effective training and development benefits the individual and the company as a whole, and contributes to the achievement of Kilmac business objectives.

Good luck to all sitting new and refresher courses in August.

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