Case Study

Muirfield Primary School

Client: Robertson Group Ltd
Project Value: £1,005,000
Start Date: November 2017
Contract Duration: 32 weeks

Project Outline

Kilmac Ltd were contracted to carry out the Ground works for a new Primary School.

The works were carried out within the grounds of the existing Muirfield Primary School and were carried out in 2 main phases, in order to keep the school operational. The working area in each phase was very tight with limited access and storage areas.

The Ground works consisted of the following;

Bulk Earthworks

Enabling works for site compound, haul roads, crane pads, scaffold platforms and access paths.

22465m2 of site clearance including tree felling and removal

3460m3 of topsoil strip, including storing topsoil off site for re-use during the phasing

7860m3 of bulk excavation, including re-using 1595m3 of material on-site to create new levels and compacted and removal of surplus off site

4000m3 of imported suitable material, brought to site to create new levels and compacted to required specification

Substructure & Foundations

Reinforced concrete pad and strip foundations including 930m3 of excavation and 430m3 of reinforced concrete and 140m3 of Trenchfill.

In-situ cast retaining wall at low corner of building

In-situ cast Lift Pit

Preparation of 2230m2 of Floor Slab, including 200mm (446m3) of type 1 and sand/whin dust blinding.

Energy Centre substructure foundations, pre-cast ground beams and floor slab


Foul Water Drainage

Surface Water Drainage

Filter Drainage

180m3 of underground attenuation with controlled outlet manhole

Channel Drainage

Grease trap

External Works

1145m of Kerbing (Road and Edging)

450m2 of permeable paving to car park spaces, plus 110m3 of deepened sub-base

1640m3 of imported 6F2 below Hardstandings

930m3 of imported Type 1 below Hardstandings

Preparation to formation of 1675m2 of tarred access roads

Preparation to formation of 3925m2 of tarred playground

410m2 of feature paving (marshalls trafica) for footpaths

215m2 of reinforced concrete slabs for sprinkler tank and bin store

Signage and street furniture

2305m3 of topsoiling utilising topsoil from site to grass and shrub planting areas

565m3 of topsoiling to new football pitch utilising topsoil from site, previously stored off-site

53 Nr Tree Pits, including excavation, disposal, drainage, compost and topsoil


Track, duct work and duct chambers for Electricity, Water Mains, Fire Mains, Gas, BT, CCTV & Site Lighting

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