Case Study

New Salt Barn, Marchbanks Depot, Harefield Road, Dundee

Client: Dundee City Council Roads & Transport
Project Value: £700k
Start Date: April 2021
Contract Duration: 16 weeks

Project Overview

A new covered storage facility for 6,000T of rock salt in order to reduce salt wastage, incorporating a stand-alone 44kW Photovoltaic system with storage batteries at 40.5kWh capacity, to provide additional power to adjacent electrical vehicle charging station.

Building for the future

Building was constructed to house over 6,000T of rock salt. As part of the building structure, 128no. photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof structure, feeding power to 40.5kWh battery unit system, which will then feed into the electrical infrastructure to power the electrical vehicle charge points for the city’s fully electrically powered refuse truck fleet, as part of their GreenFleet commitment.

Re-designing Efficiency

Using a designed mix fibre reinforced concrete, 900m2 of reinforced concrete floor slab was placed as a single pour operation with a volume of 180m3. This was achieved by using sacrificial construction joint detail, and the use of fibre reinforcement, rather than steel fabric mesh reinforcement, allowed concrete pump and concrete delivery vehicle access to complete the pour in one operation.

Improvements & Safety

Installation of new 43m3 capacity attenuation crate storage drainage system allowed for improvements and flood prevention to the yard area of the depot. This had caused problems previously, with flooding adding to the salt wastage. Improved lighting to the yard area was installed to improve the operational safety of the depot, as most of the working hours are during winter periods, and also overnight. The PV panel and battery storage install shall aid the powering of this lighting system.

Project Info

Client – DCC Roads & Transport
Project Value – £700k
Date Completed – 17th September 2021
Architect – DCC
Structural Engineer – DCC


“Dundee City Council have enjoyed working with Kilmac on this project, and collaboratively we have solved any encountered problems as they arose. The end product is a fantastic addition to our road maintenance division, with the addition of a renewable energy source to power our electrical vehicle fleet. We consider them a valuable part of our supply chain”. DCC – Graeme Boyd
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