Broughty Ferry Aldi: Kilmac's Milestone Muck Shift Unveiling

Posted on January 11, 2024

Milestone update at the upcoming Aldi store in Broughty Ferry, where Kilmac is hard at work with our muck shift operations.
Muck shift is a crucial phase in our operations. At the heart of this project, our team is skilfully coordinating a complicated process of excavation and relocation, ensuring the groundwork is solid for the new Aldi store.
Winter Challenges: Weathering the Storm
This time of year, with its unpredictable weather, brings its own set of challenges. The team is navigating through the elements, from rain to frost, making every effort to stay on schedule.
Despite the weather's unpredictability, our dedicated team at Kilmac is doing an exceptional job, showcasing their expertise and commitment. The muck shift works are progressing seamlessly, laying the groundwork for the future Aldi store.

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