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We put our talented apprentice Callan in the spotlight by asking him what he has learnt so far from his Apprenticeship with Kilmac. Here is what he had to say!

How did you hear about the Apprenticeship?

When I finished my foundation apprenticeship in civil engineering, Athole from Kilmac spoke to our class about the apprenticeship.

I have been studying civil engineering since 5th year and this was a good opportunity to further my education in civil engineering.

What did you learn?

No 2 days are the same. In my role, I am need to try to stay ahead of colleagues on site by giving them all the information that they need to do their work, whilst also planning ahead.

The college/work balance is good as it breaks up the week.

I enjoy the independence I get to complete setting out myself but always have someone to answer questions.

The apprenticeship has exceeded my expectations.

How will this help you professionally?

To fulfil my ambition of becoming a fully qualified and competent site engineer at Kilmac.

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